The Willy


The Willy has a sturdy round non-skid base, and two suction cups to hold your phone on the desktop, any tabletop, the windshield, the whiteboard or even your shoulder for those awkward moments when you need both hands. With your phone on a Willy on a table or desktop, you can keep track of who’s calling, who’s texting and what’s up on Facebook and Twitter. Use FaceTime hands free, or watch YouTube with it stuck to the bathroom mirror while you shave or blow dry your hair. There are tons of places you never thought to use it that make your phone that much more convenient when your hands are free. Designed for use with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, the Willy also works with other mobile devices with a smooth back. The Willy is compatible with Apple's Bumper case.

Handmade in California of sturdy acrylic, the Willy is available in 8 colors - red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, turquoise, violet and black and has clear arms holding the suction cups.

The Willy keeps surprising us with more uses. What else will you come up with? Let us know!