The Norm (iPhone 4, 5 or 5S)


The Norm uses a specially treated binder clip and foam wrapped arms to secure your iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or 5S (without case) to the vents on your car's dashboard. Once on the vents, your iPhone is conveniently in the driver’s field of view to see who’s trying to contact you. Operating maps, listening to music or podcasts or other apps that enhance your day to day in-car experience is a pleasure with the Norm.

It’s pleasing form is precision machined by Insanely Great Products staff to tolerances dialed in to the thousandth of an inch. iPhone 4, 5 or 5S friction fits into the foam pads on the Norm's two arms. The black foam insures the metal of your iPhone is isolated from the metal of the Norm. All buttons and controls are available, and a power cord or auxiliary cable is easily accommodated through the split foot design.

Surprisingly light, and made of sturdy Aluminum, the Norm is a simple stylish addition to your auto interior. It has a hand-applied brushed aluminum finish, and is available anodized in clear or black. Materials used by car manufacturers to make vents vary. Every Norm includes two clips, each enhanced to tightly grip the most common types of car air vents and provide compatibility and superior gripping performance with as many cars as possible.

The Norm is designed and built by hand in California.

Models available for the iPhone 4 an iPhone 5.