The Clip & Go


The Clip and Go uses a specially treated binder clip and suction cup to secure your iPhone or any smooth backed device to the air vents on your car's dashboard. All controls are available, and a power cord or auxiliary cable is easily accommodated.

It's a simple, elegant, and cost effective solution to get your phone off the passenger seat and into view for seeing who’s trying to contact you. Operating popular apps like maps and streaming radio is a pleasure with the Clip & Go. In some regions, including California where our headquarters is located, using a suction cup on the car window is restricted or forbidden. Clipping on the vent is a good alternative when your window needs to be unobstructed. When traveling for business or pleasure the compact size of the Clip & Go makes it a perfect companion in your rental car.

Designed for use with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5C the Clip & Go also works with any other mobile device with a smooth back. The Clip & Go is compatible with Apple's Bumper case and other cases with a smooth back.

Made of sturdy clear or black acrylic, the Clip & Go fits into your auto interior. A suction cup with an easy-removal tab conveniently attaches the phone to the Clip & Go. A specially treated binder clip attaches to the car's air vent. Materials used by car manufacturers to make vents vary. Every Clip & Go includes two clips, each enhanced to tightly grip the most common types of car air vents and provide compatibility and superior gripping performance with as many cars as possible.

Designed and built by hand in California, the Clip and Go is made of sturdy clear or black acrylic.