Our Story

We make accessories for iPhones and other mobile devices. Based in Menlo Park, California, Insanely Great Products, Inc. was created to design and build great products in America. We start with sheets of acrylic, steel and aluminum and design, cut, bend, etch and assemble by hand each item we sell. As we grow, we plan to expand into other product areas that take advantage of our experience with American made tools like Epilog lasers and materials like local woods, steel, aluminum and acrylic.

We believe that a mistake has been made the last few decades in outsourcing too reflexively when many parts and complete products also can be made locally in the United States. It has become conventional wisdom to outsource just about every manufactured part, with the idea of U.S. manufacturing somehow viewed as practically quaint, a part of our legacy, rather than our future as a country. As happens with so many trends, we believe this one has overshot the mark, and we plan to develop an infrastructure of small, agile, distributed manufacturing units, able to rapidly meet changing demands and provide mass customization that makes at least a beginning step in starting a new trend.

Small, intelligent and agile manufacturing in America just might be what it takes to create a new source of employment to begin to reverse the outflow of manufacturing jobs. As international wages rise, and the small part that labor costs play in making them, there are new opportunities to make products here that have been manufactured off shore in recent years. At Insanely Great Products, we’re proud of the high component of labor in the manufacture of our products. By controlling the entire process from acquisition of raw materials to serving a disintermediated customer base, we are choosing (on purpose) to create local middle class jobs. We have made it a priority to pay fair wages and provide benefits like paid health insurance and 4 weeks of flexible vacation/sick time to new employees. Every employee in our company spends part of every day making product for customers. This gives our entire team a unique intimacy with the products we make for you. We don’t need to drive profit margins on the backs of labor; all of us here are the labor. That, we believe, is a key to what it will take to regain some of the greatness all of us have lost since we stopped being very proud of making things.


We look forward to having you as a customer.